Hand Silk Screened Rebirth Print. Super Super Super limited run. Yes, they're Red! Art by Ed McMillen

from Ridiculon


Only thirteen of these babies. Accidentally beautiful. Screened over the top of existing material. Eerie. Tattered. One of a kind! Warts and all! Limit one per customer, folks! You'll be the only one on the block... Hell! Even the only one in your state or country to have one of these!

Sold Out


Ridiculon Orleans, Massachusetts

Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans - A.K.A. Ridiculon - flail away on a motley assortment of instruments, all in the name of creating quirky and captivating music.
Bossi is known for his bands Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and The Book Of Knots, Evans for his work with Tori Amos, Linda Perry and others.
Their music echoes the passion of Morricone, the insanity of Elfman, and the filth of Beefheart.
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