Isaac Stems and Other Body Parts - Part 1

from Ridiculon

You asked for it, and we here at Ridiculon HQ have delivered! There are loads of great Rebirth remixes and tributes out there on the internetz, but now you'll have the actual source material to play with.

Behold! We've cherry-picked some of our favorite hits from the Rebirth OST. A bonanza, a veritable cornucopia of stems from the melted brains of Ridiculon. Huge and floppy organic drums, keys, basses, guitars, and FX to manipulate and mangle to your heart's content.

Once you pay up, we'll send you a Dropbox link with succinct folders, labeled according to song and BPM. Due to Dropbox download limits, files will be MP3's. For your remixing pleasure, stems will be in both looping and non-looping form. This means that your musical masterpiece can either loop into the ether until we all die, or you can stick the landing after two minutes or so. Just drag and drop into your preferred music recording world, and Voila! Volumes and panning will be reflective of their placement in the original mix. So, if all your faders are at unity, it will best approximate the album mix.

This is the deal of the century, and certainly the best $5.00 you've ever spent. Sure to provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family. Feel free to post wherever, but DON"T feel free to profit unnecessarily from our generosity. (Don't sell your remixes, you dig?? We will find you...) This should ONLY be for your enjoyment and for the enjoyment of the BOI community at large. Tag us when you come up with something good! It goes without saying that if there's interest from you all, we can post more of these stems in the future. Get to it!

Yours is rock 4Evah, Matthias & Jon


  $2 USD or more 



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