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People of the Planet! Welcome to the Ridiculon subscriber-only love fest! Get music, get merch, get stuff that not even your cousins have yet! It's cheap, it's friendly, it's unlike anything else. For starters, subscribers (family, followers, the faithful, minions) will get a song a month from us. Pure instrumental gold!!! You like Phil Collins??? What??? Wrong site!! You like Meat??? Yeah! We've got meat!!! Metal meat!!! If you like our metal, buy our metal. Consider our miserly $3.00 fee per month!!! That's less than your car payment! Resistance is futile.

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Orleans, Massachusetts
Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans - A.K.A. Ridiculon - flail away on a motley assortment of instruments, all in the name of creating quirky and captivating music.
Bossi is known for his bands Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and The Book Of Knots, Evans for his work with Tori Amos, Linda Perry and others.
Their music echoes the passion of Morricone, the insanity of Elfman, and the filth of Beefheart.


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